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Through applying what we've learned about Hyperconnectivity™ and Transmedia™ to real-world communications problems, we have learned to easily get other people to think the way we want them to and still think they have made their own choices. We call our application of this technology Redoctrination™.

The "layman's" explanation is that most people make up their minds on most issues based, not on intellectual considerations or even personal benefits, but on autonomous emotional responses and subtle cultural clues.

Getting people to change their minds about which products to buy, which candidates to vote for, or even how to wear their hair has more to do with finding and exploiting the emotional and cultural "links" that individuals use to interface with their environment (as they perceive it, of course) and even to sustain their own self-image. Triggering a carefully selected emotional response in the correct context can change people's thought patterns far more easily than attempting to argue the same people to one side of an issue or another. And doing it in a way that allows people to retain what they believe are their cultural connections can make the transition so smooth that few even notice the difference.

In other words:

  • Don't discuss the issues in an election intelligently - instead show photos of your opponent with the color adjusted so he looks a little green or gray, and play quiet, but creepy music in the background. (Sure, Move-On Dot Org used this extensively in 2004, but we thought of it first. Well actually Anthony Burgess thought of this first, but only as a mode of targeted "reprogramming" of individuals, not as a mode of "reprogramming" the masses.)

  • Don't explain that your product is safer or better than your competition, use subtle product placement or "Gen X" advertising to show it in an the context of a desirable social circle or class.

  • Don't put your anti-war message into a hip-hop song - get Willie Nelson or somebody like him to write a subtle heart-tugger that can still get on the Country stations but which leaves an "antiwar aftertaste" once people have been exposed to it a few times.

  • Stop trying to sell your environmental or anti-gun message to the "Christian Right" while you're wearing blue jeans and goatees and quoting Walt Whitman - instead, shave, put on a white suit, cowboy boots, and big hair and start quoting the Bible.

In each case, your message is the same, but you've used emotional links and cultural connections to completely bypass your audience's ordinary defense mechanisms.

Surprisingly, many people exposed to such emotionally and culturally-sensitive "redirection" change their minds completely on issues they once considered important without even realizing they've "crossed over."

Of course, once you have people in your camp, you need to keep a stream of emotionally and culturally-sensitive messages flowing, so that they are not "led astray" by competitors or opponents who have learned from your techniques. That is where our programs of Hyperconnectivity™ and Transmedia™ come in.

At Communitran™, we have made Redoctrination™ more than a trick of political consultants and advertising executives, we have made it a science. If you have a message to get out, and you'd just as soon bypass your target audience's autonomous defenses, we can help.

We could tell you more, but not until we're "on the clock."

Just kidding.


Updated 04.16.09

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