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Communitran™ has long recognized that people have a need to connect with each other and with the culture in ways that reach beyond what we can physically touch, see, and hear. From our earliest days when we used solenoids and copper wire to make that connection, to the present age of wireless handheld devices, we have "been there" with solutions. We have also noticed that "connection" is addictive - "just" being connected isn't enough - rather staying connected to many communications channels at once is becoming the "norm":

  • Consider the SUV driver you passed the other day, with satellite radio on the speakers, a GPS system blaring directions and registering his movements, his PDA receiving email and web updates on the front seat, while he engaged in a conversation on his cell phone headset. The fact that he nearly ran you off the road only illustrates how compelling this level of connectivity is.

  • Or the teenager you've seen watching a television across the room, listening to her MP3 player, talking on her cell phone about boys, and Instant Messaging on the computer about plans for the weekend, all while she was typing an essay on Hamlet, and not doing too badly at that.

So far, such examples of maximum connectiveness have required multiple physical interfaces, each of which operates by different rules. For example, you can't fast-forward through a "real" conversation with another person. We at Communitran™ believe that it will shortly be possible for one digital interface to provide most, if not all, of the connectivity we need to our culture and to other people simultaneously.

Products are in development now, so we can't say more, but we do believe we are on the edge of a quantum breakthrough in communication science. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list to receive updates as they are made public, please Contact Us.

Updated 04.16.09