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Communitran™ - Bringing people together through technology

We at Communitran have always recognized the value of an effective information flow. To that end, we have spent over a century develping and promulgated technologies that makes audio, visual, and all forms of digital communication faster, more reliable, and, frankly, more ubiquitous. We are also pioneering new technologies, such as:

In the last few years, we have also entered the field of genetics, hoping to find and exploit the "genetic markers" that indicate unusual receptivity to our other offerings. While we don't presently have plans to engineer a new "mastered race" whose sole purpose in life is to think and do as we tell them, we know that the only way to keep our options open is to stay five steps of everyone else with similar interests and agendas.

If you're interested learning more about Communitran™ or allowing us to help your company fine its own "competive advantages," please explore our links, especially our Company History.

Updated 04.16.09

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