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Communitran™ Company History

Connecting people through technology has been a world-wide industry almost since Alexandar Graham Bell famously shouted, "Mr. Watson, come here, I need you," through an early audio circuit. For nearly a century, Communitran's predecessor The Phone Company™ (TPC™ for short) developed and installed the infrastructure that helped people connect with each other around the world, from copper, to fiber, to satellite, to The Phone Company™ Logomicrowave and related technologies. And as each new technology was introduced, TPC set the "gold standard" for reliability and features.

We Were The Best

By the late 1960s, 95% of the voice and 99% of the data communication on the planet ran through TPC-owned media on TPC-manufactured telephony and data networking devices. But we weren't resting on our laurels. Rather we were pioneering new technologies as revolutionary as a microscopic hyperconnectivity device that could literally plug into the human nervous system to provide constant, instantaneous communication with virtually every person and company in the civilized world.

Our First Major Setback

Unfortunately, our remote laboratory and much of our painstaking research were destroyed in 1967 by an unofficial coalition of intelligence operatives from several countries who mistook our groundbreaking research for an international security concern.

We Got "Sliced and Diced"

Worse yet, in the early 1980s, US Federal courts wrongly judged TPC guilty of business misconduct and forced us to divest ourselves of many key business and research lines. In retrospect, many analysts and legal minds outside the company consider that decision one of the most wrongheaded decisions ever in the history of political meddling in the communications industry. But that decision did force TPC™ (renamed Communitran™) to become a far "leaner and meaner" company than we were before.

What the New Logo Means

During our "divestiture," one of the things we lost was the right to use our own logo Communitran™ Logo(the classic handset outline with the letters "TPC" underneath it. For a while we tried using a simple globe to illustrate the "universality" of our solutions, but some folks thought it looked too much like the "Death Star." So we put a smile on the globe, only to be contacted by lawyers for a major retail chain that claims ownership of the "happy face" symbol. Finally, we connected two "flip-phones" to the happy face to show how being hyperconnected should make you happy. Any resemblance to a "Tie fighter" is strictly coincidental.

We're Not Bitter

By carefully leveraging our remaining assets, we have been able to buy, reorganize, and subsequently divest ourselves of several other major technology corporations in the last quarter-century. Through these "binge and purge" exercises, we have been able to reacquire business lines and technological advantages that we lost in our earlier setbacks.

We Are Moving Forward

In addition, through the constant development of smaller and more powerful microchips, as well as a profusion of wireless connectivity, we have recently been able, not only to duplicate, but also to far exceed our earlier attempts at effective hyperconnectivity.

And by applying new technological solutions to real-world communications problems, we have also learned principles of transmedia and redoctrination that we, quite frankly, expect to redefine the relationship of personality to environment, or of the individual to culture, if you prefer.

Today, at Communitran™, things are moving so fast that we like to say:

    The future was here yesterday, and you missed it!

Updated 04.16.09

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